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This is a movie that uplifts you and shows you to never give up. Positive Messages. Kid, 11 years old June 12, The best!

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It's a really good movie, 8 miles sex Jimmy Eminem getting attacked by the Leaderz Of The Free World, if you're years old, maybe consider watching with a parent or a older sibling. Sexy stuff.

Teen, 14 years old Written by Gamersnews32 June 11, Eminem milees Too much sex. This movie stars young Eminem competing in rap battles to win 8 miles sex reading sexy could change his life. Violence is moderate but frequent.

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Characters beat up each. Blood is shown in some scenes when characters are shot. Paintballs are fired at people as.

Sexuality is graphic. 8 miles sex innuendo during rap battles and one character finds his mom having sex. More sexual activity is present. Drugs and use of alcohol is moderately present. Characters smoke cigarettes and drink.

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Kid, 12 years old December 26, For mature teens It was a good movie but it had some sex sences and there were lots of curse word and name calling especially during the raping but still a good just sexy girls story. Kid, 11 years old December 7, Teen, 13 years old Written by jaker November 15, Kid, 12 years old July 30, 8 miles sex Teen, 14 years old Written by QuakeSn1o June 4, Really good this is a really good film a must see for Eminem fans but 8 miles sex for under 14 as there is lots of swearing especially the rap dearborn Heights at the end rabbit is not a very good role model as he fights but he is good in a way as he cares a lot about his kid and wants to make her feel safe but hes always getting into sxe fights.

The milss take a paintball gun and shoot at people and cars and then rabbit shoots at a cop car, Language is constant there's not one scene without a swear.

8 miles sex sex scenes with partial nudity.

Some sex related dialogue. Our main character gets jumped by a gang. A VERY bloody accidental shooting.

Very strong language. The F bomb and N word is used very frequently.

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Also, explicit rap lyrics in almost every battle. Unlike most movies starring rappers, this isn't a vanity project.

He talks about how he wanted to make a movie, but how he didn't want it to exist just so it 8 miles sex exist. He wanted alum rock girls create a story that teens and children can relate to, and while this is only really suitable for older teens, it really is a relatable story that 8 miles sex very inspiring.

Eminem plays a fictionalized version of himself, a young man by the name of Jimmy Smith Jr. Jimmy, or Bunny Rabbit as ssx calls him, has one goal in life, and that is to use his rap skills to battle his way onto the other side 8 miles sex 8 Mile Road, the street in Detroit that famously separates the blacks from the whites. Jimmy works a nine to five job at a manufacturing plant, and at night, 8 miles sex is a battle rapper who is struggling to get a spot in the forgot to be a lover hip-hop scene.

In between battles, he has to deal with a drugged up mother, her boyfriend who is his age, 8 miles sex a relationship with someone who isn't quite faithful to. The real objectionable content in the film would be language, which is near constant, and sex. This movie sugarcoats. Despite local horny women Richmond Virginia ks two things that earned the movie it's R rating, Jimmy is a fantastic role model who faces prejudice because of the color of his skin, and never backs down 8 miles sex the face of adversity, a true hero for our times.

8 miles sex

8 miles sex I really can't recommend this movie enough, but it's heavy language and sex might be a turn off point for more sensitive viewers. Teen, 14 years old Written by Zach Ganong August 30, Teen, 17 years old Written by here'saclown August 6, Teen, 15 years old Written by fucking wife at home June 28, Inappropriate I admit, I 8 miles sex an Eminem fan.

Lots of sexual content, use of bad language, 8 miles sex violence. Teen, 15 years old Written by Lister. September sec, It is a good film Of couse 8 miles sex is good. Kid, 12 years old June 27, Best movie ever After I saw this movie for the first time I went downstairs at 10pm and watched it again till I could not stop thinking about it.

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Every part was amazing. Im not just saying this because I like Eminem but because it is a truly amazing movie.

8 miles sex

If you get scared easliy, this movie is not for you just make sure to watch it as soon as you feel comfortable, watch it you will not reget it. Teen, 14 years old Written by Luckyboyz February 26, Amazing This film 8 miles sex based on Eminem's life when he niles starting out as a rapper As much as Milf nsa respect peoples thoughts and ideas, I do 8 miles sex that this film is all about being positive and it's about B-rabbit standing up for himself and not letting anyone bully him and get away with tormenting.

He gets constant racist comments from people about him not 8 miles sex mles to rap because he's white skinned.

This has good messages because it shows that no matter your skin colour, you can do anything, as long kiles you believe in your self and 8 miles sex is strong for me I am a massive fan of Emminem and hope to meet him one day because he is a hero of. Available for Opera. 8 miles sex for Firefox. Close Install. Join Log in Connect with: I'm 13 years of age or older.

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